Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A New Everything!

Obviously, it has been a really long time since I have blogged.  I wasn't blogging much before Sarah was born, but now that she is here (and 8 months old now), my time is much more limited.  Three kids 4 and under takes most of my time & energy, but I really would like to blog again.  Even though many people don't read it, I have found blogging is more for me than for anyone else.  I guess blogging  is my way to journal, but I have never been very consistent with keeping a journal either - oh well!

A quick update on us in the past 8 months:

On November 20th, Josh received an unanimous vote to become the Senior Pastor of Holly Ridge Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC.  We are very excited about our new church and we have been so blessed to join HRBC. Josh began his duties there on December 18th, just in time for Christmas! I will try to share more in the future about what led us to this move & how it transpired.

Since Josh had a new job, it meant we had to find a new home because we lived in another city &  in the parsonage at our previous church.  Our first thought was to find a home to rent for a year and then look at buying a home.  But the more we thought about the current housing market, the more we realized this was the right time to buy.  We were pre-approved for a loan (so thankful that we were debt free!) & went to work looking for a house.  We found our house on November 30th, and became homeowners on December 29th. 

This fall,we also joined Classical Conversations (CC), which is a home school group that meets once a week for 12 weeks in the fall, and 12 weeks in the spring.  Initially, we had planned to join CC next fall (when Thomas began kindergarten), but I was asked to tutor & after praying about it & talking it over with Josh, we decided this year would be a good time.  Our goal this year has been to expose Thomas to the information and we have been amazed all he has picked up just by listening to the songs and the little we go over at home. 

The kids are doing great with all the changes in our lives.  Thomas struggled the most with the move because he left behind friends.  Thankfully, he has made new friends now and really likes our new house & church.  Josiah is 2.5 and just goes with the flow.  He is so verbal now & makes us laugh all the time with the funny things he says.  Currently, he is telling me he needs (his preferred word when he wants something) to play with his iPad (Josh gave one to me for my birthday).  Sarah obviously is MUCH different than 8 months ago.  She is such a sweetheart & I love having a little girl to love on and dress up.  She is sitting up independently, but not crawling yet.  And she has most certainly stolen her daddy's & brothers' hearts! 

Josiah & Thomas at Grandma & Poppy's house on Christmas Eve
Josh & Thomas at my parents' house on Christmas
Sarah (6 months) & me at my parents' house on Christmas.