Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working With Daddy

Last week, Thomas had the pleasure of going to work with Josh.  He talks about going to work and has wanted to go with Josh before.  Since Josh was going to clean out some things in his office, he decided Thomas wouldn't be too much of a distraction to go with him.  

Thomas made sure to take his phone and keys, just like daddy.  You can also see that Josh took some crayons, just in case!

It was very nice for me, because Josiah napped most of the time Thomas was at work.  Josiah and I went over to see all the work Thomas had done before lunch.  When we got there Thomas had managed to color all over himself, but other than daddy being a little flustered, I think it was a great day!  Oh, and Thomas got to see the church's bathtub too! Below are some pictures of Thomas demonstrating what he had done all morning. 

Thomas working on a sermon?

Taking messages for Daddy.

I think he even decided to preach a little too. 

I just love this picture, even though he looks like such a big boy!

Sweet Josiah came over to hear Thomas' "sermon."

Work day is over.  He wants mama and a nap now!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fighting Discontentment

About a year ago, I read a book by Jerry Bridges Respectable Sins: Confronting The Sins We Tolerate.  Convicting?  Oh yes!  He addresses many of the sins that we don't even call sins: impatience, discontentment, irritability, anger, anxiety, frustration, unthankfulness, etc.  Wow, I see those things evident in my life way too much.  His point of the book is that we have to call those emotions what they are: sin.  We can't brush them off like they are no big deal, but remember they are sins against our Holy God.

One of the sins that has came to mind the most after reading the book is the sin of discontentment.  For me, it is a sin that creeps up on me and before I know it, I am not happy with life.  Anyone else feel this way?  I begin to think that the grass is greener other places.  Thankfully, the Lord doesn't leave me in that sinful place, and the Holy Spirit begins to convict me and remind me that I have nothing to be discontented about.  It is so easy to focus on worldly things instead of focusing on the gospel. 

What helps me fight against discontentment?  Preaching the gospel to myself.  When I begin to think about all that I have in the gospel  - my sins completely forgiven, a perfect life lived for me, an eternity with Christ - what do I have to discontented about?  Nothing!  No matter how things are in this life, all will be right in the next life.   Praying for persecuted believers.  I live in a free country where no one will arrest me or kill me for owning a Bible or worshiping privately and corporately.  When I begin to pray for those believers who are facing unimaginable horrors just because of the name of Jesus, I weep because of my sin.  Who am I to deserve what I have?  Recalling all my blessings.  The Lord has blessed me with a godly, wonderful husband who loves me deeply.  My boys are such a huge blessing to me and they are so healthy - what an amazing gift.  I also have wonderful parents, extended family, and all the comforts of the modern world. 

When I look at the above list, I am reminded once again that I have nothing to be discontented about.  Life is not always going to be exactly the way I want it because we live in a sinful world.  However, because of the cross there can always be contentment in my heart. 

One last note, if you haven't read Jerry Bridge's book, you should!  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Life

No, I'm not pregnant, but we do have new life in our garden!  Some people requested that I post updated pictures, so here they are. 

These are the three square foot beds, front to back: corn, beans, and tomatoes/flowers.

This is our corn.  We planted it at the end of April, beginning of May.  Looking good!

We have 2 rows of lima beans and 2 rows of green beans.  They should be ready to harvest in about 3 weeks!

There are 8 tomatoes plants in the middle and then flowers in the corners.  The flowers haven't done as well as we wished.  Any thoughts on how to make them look better?  We planted a lot of tomatoes and I'm the only one who eats them, but I will be sure to eat them all - I love tomatoes!

Josh loves gardening and Thomas is right there beside him telling me, "I helping daddy in the garden."  It is amazing how much we have enjoyed having a garden.  I'll admit Josh has done the majority of the work at this point.  I do water it on occasion, but he really loves to work in it.  I foresee that I will have a larger role when it is time to harvest and put up the produce. 

We are also in the process of starting a compost pile.  Here is the beginning of the work and a cute picture of Thomas. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Familly Conference

Last weekend our family had the wonderful opportunity to visit sweet friends in Paintsville, KY.  Josh was invited to preach at FBC Paintsville for their first ever Family Conference.  Our good friend Wil Owens serves as the pastor there.  We met Wil and his wife Summer almost two years when they visited our church while searching for a church to pastor.  They are such a godly, delightful couple and we became fast friends.  They didn't think they would be at our church for long, but ended up worshiping and serving along with us until February '09.  We have missed them dearly since they left and were so excited to have the opportunity to visit them. 

Although it was a fun trip, it was also a very busy trip.  Josh preached in all 6 times in three days!  He was exhausted by Sunday night.  Our kids did very well, even through many missed naps.  We even got in a trip to Butcher Hollar!  If you listen to classic country music, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It is the home where Loretta Lynn grew up and she references it in her infamous song, "I'm Proud to be A Coal Miner's Daughter."  Josh loves classic country, and even though it wasn't much to see, at least he can proudly say he has been there! 

We pray the time we spent with the Owens and FBC Paintsville was encouraging and glorifying to God.  They are transitioning to a family based ministry and the conference was a tool to teach parents that they are the primary disciplers of the their children.  The church's purpose is to come alongside of families and equip them to teach and train their children. Of course the church also supplements what the parents are already doing at home, but the church isn't the primary place children learn about the gospel.  It is a completely different mindset than what Josh and I both grew up with, but we believe (as does the leadership at FBC Paintsville) that this is the biblical way of parenting.

This is the link to listen to the sermons Wil and Josh preached at the Family Conference:

Below are some pictures of our time in Paintsville!

Butcher Hollar

Josh proudly posing at Loretta Lynn's home

The kids on the front porch swing

Sweet Josiah at Butcher Hollar

Thomas and his buddy, Haddon

My sweet friend Summer!

The Owens Family