Thursday, May 29, 2008

Future President

Before the Lord confirmed to Josh that he was to go into the ministry, Josh's dream was to be a politician. He dreamed big - governor of SC or president (they are equal positions in Josh's opinion since SC is the best state in the Union). Since God chose for Josh to be in ministry and not in politics, he has now passed on his dream to Thomas. Our friends, Chris & Amy, went to D.C. a couple of months ago and brought back a "Future President" shirt for Thomas (well, I think it was more for Josh). After his bath the other night, I put it on him and we took some pictures of the proud daddy and our future president. Enjoy!

Dad & Future President's Official Picture
Can't I just play with the flag?
Okay...I'm starting to get this
Look at me - I got it!
This is fun!
Want you vote for me?
Isn't that the cutest little face?!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Billy Graham Library

Yesterday, Josh and I had the privilege of going to visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte with our senior adults. We didn't realize what a long day it would be (I thought older people had a hard time getting around!), but we had a great time. Billy Graham's ministry hasn't been as active in my life, so it was interesting to see all videos of him as a young and passionate preacher of the gospel. One thing he repeatedly said was, "The gospel draws people to Jesus, not me."

Ruth Graham also had a room at the library. She was a godly woman who loved caring for her family and supporting Billy. It was an encouragement to me as I have the unique, and sometimes challenging, role of being a pastor's wife.

If you are ever near Charlotte, I would encourage you to go by the library. It is a beautiful place and it is free! I will warn those with children that it isn't stroller friendly, and I'm thankful we didn't take Thomas, because he couldn't have handled our long day! Enjoy the pictures!

Front of Library with 40ft Cross
Inside looking out
Our group waiting for Bessie to "talk"
Bessie telling us about Billy Frank's childhood
Progression of salvation leading to Billy Graham
Letters Graham received - one of them says, "In case of rapture, do not deliver."
Ruth's grave - the Chinese character means "Righteousness"
Our Senior Adults
Josh & me
Josh goofing off in Hamricks, while we waited on the group. He did not buy that!

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Whole New World

Our sweet baby boy turned 9 months old on Wednesday and since he is now weighing in at 21 lbs and about 30" long (I'm guessing because we haven't been to the doctor yet), he has outgrown his infant car seat. Thankfully, my dad and step-mom (Grandpa & Granny) were very sweet to us and bought Thomas a front facing car seat about a month ago. It is a great car seat and should last until he is old enough to not need a car seat or booster seat. Yes, I'm a little sad because he is growing up and moving him to the new seat makes it very obvious that he will soon be a toddler. However, Thomas is very excited about seeing everything - especially Mama and Daddy. He has become much more vocal in the car now and we have even had to tell him to not be so loud! The only drawback of the new car seat is he isn't able to nap as well in the car. I have a feeling it won't be too long and he will figure it out! I've included some pictures of my sweet baby (at least for a little while longer) in his new seat.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Give Me Jesus

On Sunday, our music director sang the song "Give Me Jesus." I had never heard it before, but it was beautiful and she sang it beautifully. The song doesn't have many words, but the simplicity of the words directed my attention to the message - I just want Jesus. Not often am I moved to tears by a solo in church, but I was on Sunday. I found a video on YouTube so you could at least listen to the song. (Some of the pics on the video are dumb in my opinion!)

In the morning when I rise,
In the morning when I rise,
In the morning when I rise
Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus
Give me Jesus

You can have all this world
Just give me Jesus

When I am alone,
When I am alone,
When I am alone,
Give me Jesus


When I come to die,
When I come to die,
When I come to die,
Give me Jesus


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby Dedication

This Sunday, Mother's Day, Thomas was dedicated at our church. Since we are Baptist, this wasn't a baby baptism because Scripture is clear that baptism is only for regenerate people. A baby dedication is more for the parents. We commit to train our children up in righteousness and the fear of the Lord. We received the book, Shepherding a Child's Heart, that teaches parents how to discipline in a God honoring way.

I included some pictures of the baby dedication and the rest of the day. Enjoy!

Receiving the charge

Receiving the gift

Thomas & me after the service My mom and me at Cracker Barrel

Thomas and me at Josh's brother's house

The best gift of all!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'm very excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day tomorrow. Thomas will be dedicated at church in the morning, and my mom is coming too. There is also a bit of sadness this Mother's Day as this is also the first one without my sweet grandmother. I did have a chance to honor her this week and to share her story with many people. A blog I visit, Girl Talk, asked for their readers to send in tributes to their grandmothers. They picked mine and it will be on their blog all weekend.

I hope all moms (and moms-to-be) have a wonderful day tomorrow and enjoy the blessing of your children!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A New "Toy"

I have been very dissatisfied with my vacuum cleaner for a while now. It is about 4 years old, and it just doesn't do the job very well. Even though I faithfully get it out every Tuesday morning to vacuum our rugs, I know it really isn't doing anything. When you have to manually pick the lint off the floor and feed it into the vacuum cleaner, that is your first clue you need a new vacuum! I didn't want to get just any old vacuum cleaner, because I had encountered the best vacuum a few months ago when Josh sold them.

If you didn't already know, my sweet husband sold Rainbow vacuum cleaners between churches last year. He won one while selling them, but at the time we needed the money more than the machine. We could have bought one on credit, but we don't buy something unless we have the money for it. I had tried to think of ways to save for a Rainbow, but there was no way in our budget.

The Lord is good to those who wait, and we were able to purchase one last night with our tax refund. It is the most expensive purchase we have made since we have been married (we haven't bought a car or home yet) and I hope it lasts until at least our 20th anniversary! Thankfully, it does have a 16 year warranty, so I don't think that is just wishful thinking. I vacuumed all morning and was just as impressed (and disgusted) by how great it worked. I'll post some pictures later of my new toy. Happy Mother's Day to me!

Monday, May 5, 2008

No Greater Ministry

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Nancy Lee DeMoss's radio program Revive Our Hearts on the Internet. Janet Parshall from Janet Parshall's America is her guest today and their topic was motherhood and how there is no greater ministry than motherhood. I would encourage all moms and future moms to listen to Janet Parshall's testimony of how being a mother to her four children has been the greatest and most important role in her life. Click here to listen.

Sometimes it is easy for me to buy into the lie that anyone could take care of Thomas, but that is not true. The Lord designed me to be Thomas' mother and gave me the best skills to take care of him. I have to remember that no one else will ever love my son the way that I love him, and the Lord has given me the awesome responsibility to take care of him and most importantly, to train him up to love and fear the Lord. What greater "job" in the whole world than to train children up in righteousness? May the Lord give me grace to do it faithfully and diligently.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Growing Up

There are days when my heart is a little sad because I realize how fast my sweet boy is growing up. Usually, looking at pictures is when I really see it. Since I'm with Thomas all the time his growth doesn't seem as dramatic, until I see a picture of a few months ago. I was reminded once again how much he has grown when I put him in the swing a couple of days ago while I was washing windows. He is almost too big for the swing now! He doesn't just lay back anymore, but is often sitting up and looking around. Seeing how big he is reminded me of a picture I took of him at about 7 weeks old. I decided I would take some pictures of him now at 8 months old in the swing and have a comparison. Oh, how my boy has grown!

Thomas at 7 weeks.

Thomas at 8 months.

Thomas isn't crawling yet, and doesn't seem to even want to crawl! I put him on his tummy and he just looks at me as if to say, "Okay, Mom what's next?" I am even putting toys that he likes just out of his reach, and while he will try to reach his arms for them, he won't move his body. If I stand him up holding on to something, he does okay, but he doesn't know how to get from a sitting position to a standing position. He may not be very advanced with his physical skills, but verbally he is doing great. He loves to talk and says, "Ba Ba, Da Da, Ma Ma" and all kind of sounds we can't understand! He can wave bye-bye and claps his hands too.

To be honest, I have been a little concerned at the lack of his mobility, but from everything I've read, he is doing okay. I'm just trying to give him more tummy time and remembering that it won't be long before I'm following him around the house!