Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of School!

Today was our first official day of homeschooling.  But really we have been homeschooling since Thomas was born.  And our desire has been to homeschool since we were dating!  In fact, on our very first date Josh told me wanted his kids to be home schooled.  I hadn't thought much about how I would school my future children until he brought up.  Obviously, I agreed with him or we wouldn't be married now!

Homeschooling for us isn't too big of a difference than what we have already done the past couple of years.  When Thomas turned 3, we began preschool and even though it hasn't always been formal or every day (even every week at times), we have had times of learning & a semi-school room.  The biggest differences:

1. We bought curriculum.  The only thing I had to buy this year was math (we are using Singapore) & phonics (we are using Spell to Write & Read).  We are also including handwriting, catechism, memory work, & Classical Conversations memory work (not until September).

2. We have lesson plans (which was really fun to least for now).

3. We have to school for 180 days. This is the biggest difference. Thomas can't say, "I would rather play today than do school." Thankfully, it is kindergarten so there isn't much work or much pressure. And our school day today was an hour and a half, which included Thomas checking out Josiah's preschool work.

Our first day was great & Thomas was so excited about starting school.  I hope his love for learning lasts his whole life (or at least until Christmas break!).