Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Our sweet Thomas finally started walking about three weeks ago. We were so thrilled because we had begun to think he would never walk. Not to mention it was the one question everyone at church kept asking, "Isn't he walking yet?" I was starting to get a complex because he wasn't walking, but as many moms have reminded me: every baby is different.

Thomas thinks that walking is the greatest thing ever. Usually he is walking around the house squealing with delight! It just makes my heart melt to see how excited and happy he is. In recent days, he has begun walking around with his stuffed puppy. The puppy has been in his bed for many months, but now he is becoming especially attached to puppy.

I'm learning that toddler hood is busy, but it is also so much fun! I love watching him grow and explore everything. While his transition from baby to toddler is a little sad for me, I'm very thankful for the little boy he is becoming.

I actually wrote this blog a week ago with intentions to post some pictures, but the computer crashed as soon as I plugged in the camera. It is a long story, but since we have continued to have problems with our desktop, I'm using the laptop until we can get it fixed. Pictures will come in the next day or two of Thomas walking and our little pumpkin on Halloween!

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Ashley said...

Yay for Thomas! Such an exciting milestone... I know you're enjoying it! It's so good to read your posts again!