Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Josh arrived home safe and sound on Sunday evening. I decided to surprise him by meeting him at the airport in Charlotte while Josh's parents kept the boys for me. He was surprised and happy to see me and on the bus ride home, I was able to hear many funny stories from the entire team. The team shared with at least 75 to 100 people and three people are now believers! Praise The Lord for answering their prayer from Psalm 67!

One unique story that Josh shared was meeting two of the guys that I shared with four years ago. Both of those guys are now believers and went out with Josh's team everyday. One of the guys, Jeremy, brought pictures of me and another girl (Anna) when we were there. He also brought the bible I gave him four years ago before he was a believer. It is very worn now and Josh said he was so proud to show it off. The other guy, Jason, is considering a call to full-time ministry - God is so good!

Thomas was very happy to see his daddy. I wasn't sure how he would respond, but his face lit up and he said, "Daddy! Daddy!" Yes, I think that made Josh's month! It was way past Thomas' bed time, but he stayed up for a little while to talk to Josh and then Josh tucked him into bed.

Here is a picture of Thomas with the gift Josh gave him. Doesn't he look so cute?!

This is the picture of what I wrote in Jeremy's bible four years ago (the date is 7/28/05).

God answered that prayer and now Jeremy is a believer and sharing the good news with others! Praise God!

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