Monday, February 22, 2010

Publix, Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

I have a confession to make. Up until a few months ago, I thought anybody who shopped at Publix was wasting her money. Their stores are always very nice and it just always seemed to me like an "upper-end" store. Who carries your groceries out to your cart anymore without even asking? However, I have been proved wrong. Very wrong.

About a year ago, I became what some would call an extreme couponer, but what I would classify as frugal (my husband says I'm crazy!). A lady came to talk to a group at our church about the advantages of couponing. Sure, I got a Sunday paper and I clipped coupons, but not that many. This lady talked to us about how to get products for free! Free? How can you walk out of any store with something free? I was a bit skeptical at first, but now that I have been couponing for almost a year, I know that I can get several things for free at one time!

I still was a snob about Publix until I began reading the Southern Savers blog. Jenny, who operates the blog, lists the weekly ad of most southern grocery stores and the coupon match-ups each week (I have no idea how she has the time or patience to do so, but I'm very thankful). As I started reviewing the ads and the coupon match-ups, I realized that Publix really has the best deals. Why do I like Publix so much now?

· Buy-One-Get-One Free Deals (BOGO). This is when at item is 50% off essentially and you can buy one or both items and use a coupon on each item you buy. Great deal even without a coupon.

· Store Coupons. Publix issues coupons they can be used in their store and "stacked" with a manufacturer coupon. For instance, Huggies diapers are on sale for $8.99 and I have a manufacturer coupon for $2 off and I have a Publix coupon for $2 off. That makes the diapers $4.99 - a great deal!

· Competitor Coupons. Publix accepts competitor coupons, although not as many as they used to accept. Who can blame them? They are losing money when they accept another store's coupon.

· Friendly Service. They really have the best service of any grocery store I know. They are always ready and willing to help with anything in the store and cheerfully take my groceries to the car.

Let me give you a quick example of how I saved on chicken and beef broth this weekend at Publix. Progresso Chicken/Beef Broth was BOGO for $2.59 (1.29 each). I bought 4 cartons. I used (2) $.50 manufacturer coupons that doubled to $1.00. One manufacturer coupon of $1 off when you buy 2. And one Publix store coupon $1 off when you buy 4 Progresso products. Basically, $4 off my purchase of $5.18, which made it $1.18. Divide it by 4, and I spent about $.30 on each carton and it is normally $2.59 a carton!!

Have you ever tried Publix? If so, what was your experience? Do you have a favorite grocery store? Or do you just buy what you have to get when you need it and could care less who has the best price (that is Josh's philosophy and one of the many reasons I do the grocery shopping!)?


Anna said...

I adore Publix. I have loved this store since I was a little girl. The fresh bread and baked goods are fabulous, their subs are wonderful, the deli items are great, the Publix brand of items has never disappointed me, and I love the assortment of products that can be found there. Sadly we do not have anything even remotely close to Publix here in my part of Texas.

TulipGirl said...

I *heart* Publix, too. It's convenient and ALWAYS friendly and helpful, clean, well-organized. And I'm not a super-couponer, but even with my quick scan of the store coupons and ads I'm able to save $$$. That said, I do get a lot of my produce at a farmer's market because it is less expensive, used to buy my bread at an outlet (which closed) and get my milk throughout the week at the drugstore. (Cheap and easy in-and-out without buying stuff -- and we go through about a gallon a day.)

Also, Publix is super-helpful when I double-check my receipt and if I've made a mistake or something rang up incorrectly, they fix it quickly without a hassle. But overall, the kindness of the staff makes it worth it to me.

Tuesdee Davis - Domestic Diva! said...

I have never, ever used a coupon in a grocery store (seemed too time consuming for a few dollar savings) -- nor have I ever been in Publix (actually I am not even sure one is in our area)??? I think I am going to take a gander this Sunday and see what the hussle is about and see how it goes :) I usually stock pile meat, frozen veggies, and some boxed items from Sam's Club and then get milk and bread from the local Food Lion or Wal-Mart. Thanks for the info, I am going to get it a!