Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Billy Graham Library

Yesterday, Josh and I had the privilege of going to visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte with our senior adults. We didn't realize what a long day it would be (I thought older people had a hard time getting around!), but we had a great time. Billy Graham's ministry hasn't been as active in my life, so it was interesting to see all videos of him as a young and passionate preacher of the gospel. One thing he repeatedly said was, "The gospel draws people to Jesus, not me."

Ruth Graham also had a room at the library. She was a godly woman who loved caring for her family and supporting Billy. It was an encouragement to me as I have the unique, and sometimes challenging, role of being a pastor's wife.

If you are ever near Charlotte, I would encourage you to go by the library. It is a beautiful place and it is free! I will warn those with children that it isn't stroller friendly, and I'm thankful we didn't take Thomas, because he couldn't have handled our long day! Enjoy the pictures!

Front of Library with 40ft Cross
Inside looking out
Our group waiting for Bessie to "talk"
Bessie telling us about Billy Frank's childhood
Progression of salvation leading to Billy Graham
Letters Graham received - one of them says, "In case of rapture, do not deliver."
Ruth's grave - the Chinese character means "Righteousness"
Our Senior Adults
Josh & me
Josh goofing off in Hamricks, while we waited on the group. He did not buy that!

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