Monday, May 5, 2008

No Greater Ministry

This morning I had the privilege of listening to Nancy Lee DeMoss's radio program Revive Our Hearts on the Internet. Janet Parshall from Janet Parshall's America is her guest today and their topic was motherhood and how there is no greater ministry than motherhood. I would encourage all moms and future moms to listen to Janet Parshall's testimony of how being a mother to her four children has been the greatest and most important role in her life. Click here to listen.

Sometimes it is easy for me to buy into the lie that anyone could take care of Thomas, but that is not true. The Lord designed me to be Thomas' mother and gave me the best skills to take care of him. I have to remember that no one else will ever love my son the way that I love him, and the Lord has given me the awesome responsibility to take care of him and most importantly, to train him up to love and fear the Lord. What greater "job" in the whole world than to train children up in righteousness? May the Lord give me grace to do it faithfully and diligently.


Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing. You're exactly right. It's really an honor to be blessed with someone to raise and love who is made in the image of God, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

And we praise the Lord that our grandson will be raised by a mother who loves the Lord. It gives us more peace of mind. Thank you for that. Happy Mothers Day.