Tuesday, October 7, 2008

He is just so cute!

I, like all mothers, think that my baby is the cutest and sweetest child ever - and I even tell him that. There is even a little song I sing to him -

Who's the sweetest baby in the world?
Who's the sweetest baby in the world?
Who's the sweetest baby in the wooorld?
He's Thomas, Thomas Culbertson!

For those of you who aren't moms, I'm sure you think I have gone crazy (and my husband even thinks so occasionally). Two things he has done recently have been especially enduring.

On Sunday evening, Josh was watching the Grand Ole Opry (he likes those things) and Thomas was playing in the living room. Thomas scooted over to the television and then laid down in front of it resting on his arms - he really wanted to watch it! After I while, he sat up and started swaying back and forth. It happened so quickly that I didn't have time to grab the dvd recorder, but it was so precious!

Another thing he has been doing for some time is sucking with his mouth closed when he is really concentrating. Last night we were at my in-laws and they had given him some addition and subtraction cards to play with and he was really concentrating to get them back in the box one-by-one and you could just see his little cheeks moving! Sometimes I'll see him doing it when he is "reading" a book, but most of the time it is when something has his complete attention.

I'm just so thankful for my little boy and enjoy all the little things he does. What a great reminder that being a mom is the best job in the world!

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Ashley said...

So Sweet... Things that melt your heart like nothing else in the world could!