Thursday, October 2, 2008

Learning to Sew

For some time now, I have been wanting to learn how to sew. I've realized that with a family sewing is a good skill to have because there are always buttons that pop off or seams that rip or pants that need to be hemmed. I began searching for a class to take to learn how to sew (yes, I did take Home Economics in 8th grade for six weeks, but I don't remember anything and I didn't care then). Internet searches were in vain and I couldn't find anything local, until Josh needed a seam repaired in a pair of suit pants. An older lady in our church volunteered to repair his pants and I saw it as my opportunity to learn how to sew.

Thankfully, Mrs. Vynelle agreed to teach me and we began lessons in June. We went to Wal-Mart and picked out a pattern of a jumper for Thomas. She instructed me about how to read the pattern and buy all the supplies needed. I learned how to cut out a pattern, cut the cloth, how to sew a stitch line and then a seam line, and I watched as Mrs. Vynelle did the hard work of putting facing in the sleeves and neck, as well as the awful job of putting in the snap tape. Until this project, I have never realized how much work is involved in making a simple outfit!

My goal isn't to make Thomas' clothes, because it is easier and cheaper to buy from consignment sales. However, I am glad that I was able to make him something and at least I have went through the process. This morning, Mrs. Vynelle came over and showed me how to hem a pair of my pants. That was much easier than sewing clothes and will be very useful in the future. Now Josh wants me to learn how to put on buttons instead of using a safety pin!

Here are pictures of the outfit I made for Thomas (he has a white onesie on underneath). I didn't get a great picture of the whole outfit because he didn't want to sit still.


Anonymous said...

Vivian and I saw the outfit in person and on Thomas and we both thought you did an excellent job.Vivian said zippers and snaps are very hard to do(she remembered from her school days).Of course Thomas could have had on a paper bag and still been cute to us.

Summer O. said...

Awwww....I have been begging Wil to buy me a sewing machine!!! I would LOVE to sew for the same reasons you listed. I think it would be handy for a short girl like me, who has to have virtually EVERY pair of pants I buy hemed!!

Once you get it down, I will be your first student, ok???

I am so proud of you!!! Way to go girl!

Ashley said...

So cute, Dianna! I have the itch to sew too! Have you checked into a local Micheal's Store? Or is there a local fabric store there. There's one here where I am planning on taking a class. They're locally owned and offer lots of classes from beginners to advanced. They even have quilt clubs! I got the urge to sew before Gabriel was born and had time to sew a small hand/diaper bag. It went well but looks amateur for sure. Don't you wish we were taught these things growing up like in the old days? Skills that I would LOVE to have most people aren't interested in these days!

The Culbertsons said...

Summer - Hemming pants is very easy and you don't even use a sewing machine on dress pants. Once I get it down, I'll have to show you!

Ashley - I didn't know Michael's offered sewing classes. That is good to know for the future. Thankfully, the lady that is teaching me knows how to do a little bit of everything.