Friday, December 19, 2008

Update on Baby

A few people have asked recently how I'm feeling and about the baby. I'm actually feeling great now! Thankfully, the second trimester is upon me, and if it is anything like pregnancy with Thomas, it is the best trimester. The morning sickness lasted the exact weeks and length as with Thomas - 8 to 14 weeks. As you can see on the side ticker, I'm 15 weeks now. I'm reminded once again what a blessing it is to get right out of bed in the morning and spend time with the Lord, and throughout the day feeling energized and not nauseous and tired.

Baby is doing great! Yesterday, we were able to hear baby's heartbeat again and the doctor could also tell that baby is moving around a lot. I expressed to him that I was a little concerned I hadn't felt any movements yet, but he reassured that baby is moving and I should begin to feel those little movements soon - I can't wait! No weight gain these four weeks, but any weight gain I had was probably lost with the stomach virus! Thus far I have gained 1.7 lbs (from last time) and that means I'm still in my regular clothes. However, I could tell yesterday that my jeans weren't quite as comfortable as before. With Thomas I didn't wear maternity clothes until 21 weeks, but I doubt I'll make it that long with this baby.

I'll try to post a progress picture at some point. Confession - I usually forget to take those pictures until the end and there have been no pictures of me taken yet!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the most exciting news: January 15th is the ultrasound!

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Ashley said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! So glad the sickness is gone! Doesn't it make such a difference? Here's what my midwife told me. When you're listening to the doppler for the heart beat all of the static sounds are the baby's movements. So next time you hear you can tell yourself if the baby is moving!