Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Little Mimick

I can honestly say that I love the toddler years, even if they are very busy and I'm very tired at the end of the day. Thomas is constantly discovering how to do new things and say new words. It is wonderful to be home with him and to teach him words and to watch him "get it." One of his newest feats is mimicking whatever we do. If we put our hands above our head, he does it; if we jump, he (tries) to jump; and whatever activity we are doing, he (tries) to help.

Usually, I vacuum once a week and Thomas has always loved the vacuum. He has never been scared of it and I never have to wonder where he is because he is right under my feet! Sometimes he even turns it off in the middle of vacuuming. I didn't understand just how much he enjoyed the vacuum until I walked into the room the other week and discovered this:

Don't worry - it was unplugged! Now I have to be careful if I leave the vacuum out for just a few minutes, because Thomas will be hard at work. I just hope this eagerness to vacuum continues until he is old enough to really help!

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Ashley said...

I love how busy they are! Gabriel has a corn popper toy and we call it his vacuum because he loves to vacuum so much!