Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For The Gospel

Yesterday morning, my husband left to go around the world to share the gospel with people who have never heard. Josh, along with six other people from our church, will be gone for two weeks. They are going to the same place and working with the same missionaries that I had the privilege of working with 4 years ago. Everyone was very excited and nervous yesterday morning. They have spent months preparing spiritually and financially for the trip. On Sunday night, we had a commissioning service for them and Josh preached a short sermon on Psalm 67. That Psalm is their "theme" as they go - Let the peoples praise you!

I'll admit that it was not easy watching him leave yesterday morning. I think it is going to be a long 2 weeks for me, especially caring for a toddler and a newborn. Yes, I do have help (we are at my parents for a week), but it isn't my husband. The longest Josh and I have been apart since we were married is 5 days and he was only 8 hrs away.

As I was writing this blog, Josh called! He is there and had no problems traveling. He is very tired and hoping to get some rest. If you think about them, please pray for health & safety and most of all for many people to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

*For security reasons, I'm not naming the country where he is.*

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Rachel said...

Hi Dianna,
Sorry to leave a comment here but I couldn't locate your email address! I just wanted you to know that everything is going really well! Josh said to tell you that he misses you and the boys, and that they're having a great time. Everyone has had really great attitudes and been real troopers so far, even though there was a downpour during the English corner today!

I will also say that Josh's message yesterday was a huge blessing to me and I know to other members of our team as well. He spoke the Word so simply and powerfully and it was SUCH a great blessing to us--exactly the message the L wanted us to hear on our team.

I am not nearly as involved as I'd like to be this week, mostly because I am home with my kids, allowing John to fulfill his role as leader. I am trying to "fight the battle" here at home by praying for him/them, supporting however I can, and not complaining about John being gone even MORE than he usually is! (just being honest!) I think that the "staying behind" role is sometimes even harder to do than the "going out" role, or at least I feel that way this week...so I want to encourage you too! I'm sure it's not easy to be at home by yourself with your husband on a different continent and a new baby, but you can really be a part of the work by your prayers and your good attitude supporting him and the team. At least that's what I need to remind myself!

I do hope things are going ok for you, and that you're managing all right and even enjoying the time with your boys and your parents! I'm sure Thomas is having fun and I hope that Josiah is eating and sleeping well--I'm sure they're a delight to G'pa and G'ma!

Well, this is long enough but I just wanted to give you that news and thank you again for joyfully supporting your husband in this venture! Great things are happening already!

Blessings to you,