Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Josiah & Bumbo

Yesterday, we pulled out the bumbo seat for Josiah since he is now 4 months old and we thought he just might like it. We didn't have a bumbo for Thomas, but I wanted one for Josiah and picked one up for $10 at a consignment sale earlier this year! Here are some sweet pictures of our baby boy on his 4 month birthday!

He actually isn't crying here, but squealing - his new favorite thing to do!

I love this little face - he looks so serious!

Everyone thinks he is so much bigger than Thomas was at 4 months, but he is smaller! I looked at Thomas' 4 month numbers and he was 16lbs and 26 3/4". Josiah' s 4 month numbers are 14lbs 15oz and 25 1/4". Josiah is a pound lighter and an inch and a half shorter. I guess it is those cheeks that has everyone fooled!


Kristin said...

We loved our Bumbo seat! So nice to be able to put a curious baby down, but still have them close and safe and able to view the world around them!

Groovers said...

(wow, Thomas was a big boy too!) and you're not kidding about those CHEEKS! heehee :)

Ashley said...

I can't use the bumbo... my boys both arched their backs.. ugh :)

It's funny how different brothers are. Noah is so much bigger than Gabriel was. :)