Monday, October 12, 2009

Vacation Pictures

This first picture is a classic family picture. We were at a harbor and there were tons of gnats. Don't you just love my expression and Thomas covering his face?
Picture with the grandparents - everyone is looking at something different!
Look at my sweet boy - don't you just love those cheeks?!
A good picture of us!
Thomas resting by the pool.
Playing in the sand! I know he looks like a little "gangster" with this hat, but he loves it and it is too big for him. If he wears it sideways, he can see!
View from our balcony - I didn't want to come home!
Josh & Thomas at the ocean. Thomas liked to be held when near the ocean. He said, "Hold Daddy, hold!"
Look at my sweet little Josiah with his stylin' hat! He really didn't care about the beach. He just cares about eating and sleeping!
Josh in the top of the castle at the inflatable playground. This castle was great - 2 slides and there were costume for the kids to play dress up. Thomas just wanted to slide!
Playing with the balls.
Josiah even got in on the action in the exersaucer. This is just like our one at home. He didn't stay in it too long. At three months he isn't quite strong enough to support his weight on his legs, but he sure does look cute!
Trying to show Thomas how to play with the dinosaurs, but he wasn't interested. I think he was a little scared.

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Ashley said...

Josiah's got some sweet cheeks! And the pic of Thomas in that hat... he looks JUST like Josh there!!

I'm glad y'all had a good time!