Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lesson Learned

Yesterday, I rushed around the house picking up the previous night's clothes to have a larger load of laundry to wash. Josh had mentioned to me on Monday that he thought Thomas had crayons in his pockets. Not thinking about that reminder, I put his jeans in the washing machine. He reminded me again when I told him that I was washing clothes that Thomas had crayons in his pockets. AGAIN, I forgot and simply loaded the dryer full of wet clothes. When I opened the dryer door, I remember Josh saying, "I think Thomas has crayons in his pockets," for this is what I saw:

After I removed all the clothes, and saw more black crayon stains, this is what my dryer looked like:

Here is the culprit:

I googled (is that a verb now?) "how to clean crayon out of the dryer" and the answers said to take a damp cloth, spray WD-40 on the cloth, and wipe the inside of the dryer. It worked to get the crayon that was caked on, but most of the stains will not come out. I think the dryer was so warm that it permanently melted black crayon into the drum. Every time I look at the dryer, I will remember to always check Thomas' pockets!

A picture of my sweet boy, who only was warned never to put crayons in his pockets again!


Groovers said...

awe, poor Dianna! bummer, I hope somehow those stains can come out...I have a funny story I need to tell you about stain remover.

Meggan said...

One time Jeramy left an ink pen in his pocket (with no warning) and there was blue all in our dryer too! :-O
I got most of it out with windex, I think. Maybe try Simple Green or SoftScrub. You might could call the dryer company and see what customer service recommends.