Thursday, May 27, 2010

Working With Daddy

Last week, Thomas had the pleasure of going to work with Josh.  He talks about going to work and has wanted to go with Josh before.  Since Josh was going to clean out some things in his office, he decided Thomas wouldn't be too much of a distraction to go with him.  

Thomas made sure to take his phone and keys, just like daddy.  You can also see that Josh took some crayons, just in case!

It was very nice for me, because Josiah napped most of the time Thomas was at work.  Josiah and I went over to see all the work Thomas had done before lunch.  When we got there Thomas had managed to color all over himself, but other than daddy being a little flustered, I think it was a great day!  Oh, and Thomas got to see the church's bathtub too! Below are some pictures of Thomas demonstrating what he had done all morning. 

Thomas working on a sermon?

Taking messages for Daddy.

I think he even decided to preach a little too. 

I just love this picture, even though he looks like such a big boy!

Sweet Josiah came over to hear Thomas' "sermon."

Work day is over.  He wants mama and a nap now!


Rachel said...

Precious, precious pictures Dianna! Wow, like father, like son-I loved the "preaching" picture! Thanks for sharing!

Rachel W

M and M said...

Love your blog! I am the one about the cloth diapers. I was hoping to get an email where I could email you about the kawaii diapers! You can email me at I don't want to "clog" up your blog with discussion.