Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Familly Conference

Last weekend our family had the wonderful opportunity to visit sweet friends in Paintsville, KY.  Josh was invited to preach at FBC Paintsville for their first ever Family Conference.  Our good friend Wil Owens serves as the pastor there.  We met Wil and his wife Summer almost two years when they visited our church while searching for a church to pastor.  They are such a godly, delightful couple and we became fast friends.  They didn't think they would be at our church for long, but ended up worshiping and serving along with us until February '09.  We have missed them dearly since they left and were so excited to have the opportunity to visit them. 

Although it was a fun trip, it was also a very busy trip.  Josh preached in all 6 times in three days!  He was exhausted by Sunday night.  Our kids did very well, even through many missed naps.  We even got in a trip to Butcher Hollar!  If you listen to classic country music, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  It is the home where Loretta Lynn grew up and she references it in her infamous song, "I'm Proud to be A Coal Miner's Daughter."  Josh loves classic country, and even though it wasn't much to see, at least he can proudly say he has been there! 

We pray the time we spent with the Owens and FBC Paintsville was encouraging and glorifying to God.  They are transitioning to a family based ministry and the conference was a tool to teach parents that they are the primary disciplers of the their children.  The church's purpose is to come alongside of families and equip them to teach and train their children. Of course the church also supplements what the parents are already doing at home, but the church isn't the primary place children learn about the gospel.  It is a completely different mindset than what Josh and I both grew up with, but we believe (as does the leadership at FBC Paintsville) that this is the biblical way of parenting.

This is the link to listen to the sermons Wil and Josh preached at the Family Conference: http://www.sermonaudio.com/source_detail.asp?sourceid=searchandsee

Below are some pictures of our time in Paintsville!

Butcher Hollar

Josh proudly posing at Loretta Lynn's home

The kids on the front porch swing

Sweet Josiah at Butcher Hollar

Thomas and his buddy, Haddon

My sweet friend Summer!

The Owens Family

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Summer O. said...

Awwww....I love this post!! We ENJOYED having ya'll here so much, but it made us miss you guys so much more. I am just happy I could be present for Josh's historic visit to Butcher Holler. Although, I must say, I am still a bit disappointed that he didn't go with the BIG HEAD Loretta Lynn T-shirt ;-) You and Josh are such a blessing to us, and we are so very thankful for your faithful, Christ exalting friendship. WE LOVE THE CULBERTSONS!!!!