Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Josiah's One Year Picture

We went a couple of weeks ago and had Josiah's picture made.  And of course, they turned out wonderful!  One of the many things I like about our photographer is how he can take the mosquito bites and the runny noses out of the pictures! 

The photographer took us to the same spot where we took Thomas' one year picture. It is neat to compare their pictures and to see their similarities and their differences.  Thomas looks so much like Josh (and everyone tells me how much), while I think Josiah favors my side of the family more.  Josiah also is a little more plump than Thomas was at this age; I'm sure it has to do with Josiah eating everything that is put before him while Thomas is such a picky eater. 

Here are the pictures of my precious baby! 

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Anonymous said...

They are beautiful pictures!! He does kind of favor "someone" on your side of the family,doesn't he?? Poor baby..;) I do enjoy your blog,DD.