Monday, October 11, 2010

Blog I Follow

There are a couple of blogs I read on a regular basis, but aren't on my sidebar and I wanted to highlight them for any of my readers who might be interested. 

1.  They Are All Ours - This blog is written by a sweet couple who served at a church I attended during my Junior & Senior years of high school.  He was my youth minister and she was his sweet, godly wife who had three children (all fifteen months apart) at the time.  They were both such an encouragement to me to continue to fight the good fight and I was thrilled when I found them on Facebook a little over a year ago.  I was even more excited when they finally started a blog a couple of months ago.  Mostly, Joy writes out of her triumphs and failures of a being a pastor's wife and mom of eight children.  Since I just began this journey of being a wife and mother, I find her blog very real and encouraging.  Joy is one of those women who I wished could be a Titus 2 woman in my life.  I would love if she lived right down the road from me, so I could come over and just observe and learn from her as she cares for her family.  I encourage you to check out her blog - you will be blessed! 

2.  Elizabeth Esther - I found this blog through another blog.  Anyone else ever do that?  Someone that I enjoy reading (and who is a believer) recommended her blog and I decided to take a look.  Elizabeth Esther is a woman with a large family as well (5 children), but she comes from a very harsh and abusive fundamentalist background.  There are MANY things on her blog that I disagree with, but I read it because I need to read things I disagree with as well.  I remember my OT professor in seminary, Dr. Daniel Block, telling us, "For everything you read you agree with, you need to read at least two things you disagree with."  The comments in Elizabeth's blog are always lively and she intentionally brings up subjects that are tough.  She is Catholic now, but really wrestles with her past.  One of the other reasons I enjoy reading her blog is because she is an excellent writer.  Check it out if you want to read something you are likely to disagree with! 

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