Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally - A Girl!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have already read about our great news.  Baby #3 is a girl!  We honestly couldn't believe it when we had our ultrasound on Tuesday.  Josh and I both were expecting another boy, so we were so surprised and elated when we saw that baby is a girl!  Thomas went with us to the ultrasound and when the ultrasound tech told us her gender, he wasn't the least bit surprised.  He has told us from the beginning that baby was a girl. 

Josh was skeptical when the ultrasound tech told us those were girl parts.  He said, "Are you sure?  Don't the boy parts hide sometimes and you just can't see until birth?"  The ultrasound tech replied, "You see this [pointing at the screen] her legs are wide open and she is definitely a girl!"  We both were teary eyed when we finally realized we are going to have a daughter.  Josh has already said, "She's mine.  I might let you hold her occasionally."  I told him I would remind him of that at 2am! 

As you other women know I'm busy thinking about all the little girl clothes and decor I need to buy.  I can finally have a feminine diaper bag and buy dresses, bows, tights, and girly shoes!  I have also been wanting a bassinet this time and Josh told me on Tues morning before the ultrasound that if baby was a girl, I could have a bassinet.  So I get one now! 

I'm including some pictures and a short video clip of baby.  The pictures are so great because I went to a specialist's office since my OB is in solo practice and doesn't have the latest technology for ultrasounds.  And of course, I think she is just beautiful! 


Meggan said...

That's so great! Congratulations!!! Have you thought of names yet?

freetobme said...

Congratulations!! My oldest and middle child are boys so when my wife and I found out our third child was a girl, we were so elated! She will be precious, no doubt! God Bless