Saturday, January 8, 2011

He Walks!!!

Prayers have been answered today for Josiah, who is only 5 days away from 19 months, finally decided to walk independently!! You have no idea how much I have fretted, whined, and complained over his refusal to walk. I took him to the pediatrician this past week for his 18 months well-check and he told me that he would walk when he is ready. The doctor said that as long as he thinks it is faster to crawl from point A to point B, he is not going to walk. As much as I appreciate the doctor's lack of concern for his mobility, he isn't 4 months pregnant carrying around a 26 lb toddler!
Thankfully, today he just decided it was the day. Josh's parents came over for a little while to see the boys and Josh positioned Josiah to walk between him and his dad. He has done that plenty of times, so it wasn't that thrilling, except he seemed to have good balance and was walking more than two steps. Then Josh had him walk a little farther, until before we knew it, he had walked across the kitchen! He is still falling down quite a bit, partly because he is so interested in what his feet are doing and also because he is too busy socializing!
We are out of dvd's to record this momentous occasion (I will get some this evening), but I did snap a few pictures of my toddler!

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Meggan said...

Yay Josiah! I totally feel your lifting pain!