Thursday, April 3, 2008

Update on Contest

I thought I would give everyone an update on the Upstate Moms contest in which I won $350 in gift cards. The cards weren't just to the mall, but anywhere that accepts a Visa debit card. Josh decided that we needed to take pictures of our shopping trip. Unfortunately, I didn't really find anything when I shopped for myself. I did get a couple of things that aren't picture appropriate, but I was really hoping to find a nice dress, but could not. However, we were able to buy Josh a suit. He really needed a new suit and the plan was to use our tax refund to buy one. Macy's was having a fantastic sale and we couldn't pass it up. We bought the suit with the gift cards, and I will take what we spent out of the tax refund. I also got some new pajamas for Thomas at Target.

Enjoy the fun pictures that Josh took of our adventure. We looked at a lot of dresses and as you can tell by the pictures, Thomas was very ready for a nap! Oh, and I didn't win the $1,000 gift cards, but I'm not sad. Praise God for the $350!
Very nice...but way too much

Okay....this is just ugly!

Nope...definitely not me.

How can I entertain myself while Mom shops?

Don't like it enough...

Way too many dresses - I feel claustrophobic!

Shoes are a possibility...

I really like this pair!

Okay Mom! I have had enough! Give me a nap now!


Ashley said...

That's hilarious. Why is it that when you need something or are looking for something in particular and have the money for it you can't find it. Then when you don't have the money for it, you find it!? One of those shopping mysteries. Glad you had a good time. Poor Thomas!

Jason Vaughn said...

So you when and Josh gets the suit? That bum.