Monday, June 30, 2008

South Carolina Day Celebration

For all of you who don't live in the great state of South Carolina (or even if you do) June 28th is South Carolina Day. The reason this day is celebrated is explained here. I, like many of you, did not know this day existed until Josh explained it to me three years ago. Our friends, Chris & Amy, had a mini-celebration when were in Louisville. However, since I am from Georgia, Josh (who was not my husband, but only a friend) did not think I should celebrate with them, but Chris & Amy overruled him! By June 28, 2006, Josh & I were engaged, and it was expected that I celebrate SC Day too. Since we were in transition in 2006, there was no party, but I did go to Kroger and get a cookie cake that said, "Happy South Carolina Day" (yes, the bakery thought I was crazy).

We were in major transition last year and Josh decided we would wait until this year to have a party. He didn't want us to just grill out burgers, but to have a big southern meal. We decided a southern meal had to include fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, corn, green beans, & sweet tea. I cooked the chicken (23 pieces), made the sweet tea, and everyone else brought a side. After we ate, there was a game of SC trivia and then a small gift for all those who attended.

We hope to make this an annual event in our family. And even if no one else comes, we are pretty sure that Chris & Amy will always come, for they love SC almost as much as Josh!

Here are some pictures of our fun day.


Ashley said...

That's great. I love patriotism. I wish we had more fun days like that for Georgia! Makes me want to celebrate any way! Great tradition! If we ever move to SC can we come? :-)

The Culbertsons said...

You are more than welcome to come if y'all every move to SC. I have a friend who is from NY, and we invited her family, so we would definitely welcome any Southerner. :-)

Chris said...

I absolutely love South Carolina day and you can count on Amy and me and the baby (even heard of a good name for him at the past SC day) to always celebrate it.

Jason Vaughn said...

o sad that I missed it.

The Lindholms said...

Thank you for a nice evening (and sorry for late comments)! We really enjoyed ourselves.

I loved playing bocce on your yard! I think I'll always remember the phrase of the night:

"That was good bocce!"