Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Walking Mania!

While Thomas isn't "techinically" walking yet, he sure is going everywhere in his walker! About two weeks ago, Josh's parents brought him a walker they had for one of their other grandchildren. At first, he just sat in it and went backwards, but after a couple of days, he was going everywhere! Since he has been using his walker, he is doing so much better holding our hands and walking around.

To be honest, I've been a little worried (I know - it is a sin) about his physical development because he has yet to crawl (although he does move around on his stomach, he just won't get on his knees) and he is now 10 months old! Many people have told me that some babies skip crawling and just walk - anyone else had this experience? I did talk to the pediatrician about his physical development, and he said not to worry. Thomas is meeting all of his other milestones - socially, mentally, emotionally - so he isn't worried. The pediatrician said one day everything is going to just "click" and I won't be able to stop him!

Along with his newfound independence comes more discipline. He is so curious and wants to touch and hold everything. Thankfully, he is responding well to discipline and listens often when I say, "No." However, certain objects, such as the remote control, seem to be too much of a temptation, so I try to keep those things in places he can't reach or see.

Here are some recent pictures of my sweet boy "walking" around.
He loves his hairbrush!

Walking around!

Looking outside


Anonymous said...

My mother said I did not crawl at all really. I did an army crawl, she calls it. I scooted around on my tummy pulling myself with my elbows a little--never got on my knees. Then one day, I just walked to her!

freetobme said...

Please don't worry about little Thomas. I have a 9 year old son and a 6 year son. The 9 year old when from dragging himself on his stomach (like Thomas) to "walking" on his knees, and then he finally walked at 14 months. My 6 year old went from dragging himself all over the house to FINALLY walking at 17 months!!!! My 2 year old niece walked at 6 months!!!!!
So listen to the pediatrician...don't worry, they all develop at different times....so long as he's interacting with you and daddy,then he's tip-top!!!

God Bless,


Ashley said...

He's a cutie, Dianna. G loves his hairbrush too! And you shouldn't worry, I think the average age for walking is 14 months! Every baby is different!