Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweet Moment

Last week, Josh & I decided we needed to buy fabric to recover our dining room chairs. Since we were having company over on Tuesday evening, Josh indulged me and we went to a fabric store on Monday night. Thomas is in the midst of teething (2 top teeth) and was not feeling great. He did okay in the fabric store, but by the time we got something to eat, he wasn't a happy camper. I was getting a little frustrated and managed to knock ALL of his puffs in the floor, which didn't help my mood any!

Before we went home, we had to go to Josh's parents to borrow a staple gun to recover the chairs. Thomas seemed happy enough for a few moments as he watched his cousins swim in the pool, but he did not want to get back in his car seat. Josh said he would sit in the back with him and I could drive. Even though Josh was trying to entertain him, he still was not a happy camper. Josh took him out of the car seat (I know it is dangerous, but we were on back roads with little traffic and I drove slow) and held him. He still was a little fussy, so Josh told me to sing to him. Thomas loves "Jesus Loves Me" and when I started to sing, he calmed down immediately. Josh began to make up words to the tune and continued to sing to him. We sang to our sweet boy all the way home and he was at peace.

It was such an ordinary, but an extraordinary time with my family. Thomas brings us so much joy and I was reminded that it truly is the everday moments that matter.

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Ashley said...

I'm so familiar with that! God is so good to remind us that even though blessings can be hard work that they are still blessings in the end. And I'm SO happy God invented daddies, aren't you?