Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year and New Habits

Yes, it is almost a week into the new year and I'm just now posting! The only time I have to blog is now and most days I would rather be sleeping or reading. However, I have been meaning to post about some of the new habits I have begun this year and pray I can continue.

Personally - The Lord has given me a hunger recently to be in the Word more. It is easy to spend a certain allotted time with the Lord in the morning and then not to even reach for the Word throughout the day. This year I have committed to read the bible through using D.A. Carson's plan For The Love of God, which I commend to anyone. He gives you the Scripture to read each day and it will take you through the OT once and the NT & Psalms twice. Carson has also written a short theological devotion (not fluff that you find in many devotionals) corresponding to one of the passages.

I'm also committing to memorizing more Scripture. Last September, I decided I wanted to memorize Colossians because it is one of my favorite books. Thus far I have memorized chapters 1 & 2, so I'm halfway there! I did slack off some when I had the waves of nausea in the first trimester.

Family - Josh & I have committed to spending more quality time together and not simply sitting down in front of the television when Thomas goes to bed. It is so easy to zone out and let your mind dwell on trivial things. We are considering dropping cable all together, but we really like the news shows! However, we have the Internet and we can get all our news there.

Thomas has just dropped his morning nap and I've realized the need to have a schedule for him. Too often he is just wandering around the house playing with toys, but there is no structure to his routine. I just finished the book Toddlerwise and I'm taking some of the principles mentioned there to create a schedule that works for him. Right now he plays by himself if he wants to, but the goal is for him to play in his room for an allotted time that I set. Also, I want to be more deliberate in "mommy" time. By nature, I'm very task-oriented and it is easy for me to become so engrossed in cleaning or laundry or planning that I don't take the time I need with Thomas.

There is just a smattering of what I'm praying about and thinking through for this new year. Hopefully at the end of the year, by God's grace, I will have a deeper love for my Lord and my family!

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