Thursday, April 1, 2010

Learning About My Husband

One of the best sessions at the True Woman conference was the first breakout session with Bob Lepine.  He is the host of Family Life Today and the topic of his session was "What Your Husband Wishes You Knew About Being His Wife."  Sound interesting?  It really was great.  Bob Lepine used a lot of humor and his own observations and illustrations from his 30+ years of marriage.  These are the 10 observations he gave about men: 
  1. Your husband needs you to be a helper.  He doesn't need you scolding, shaming, griping, insisting on your way, or nagging him. 
  2. Your husband needs your perspective.  You need to do it with respect and humility. 
  3. Your husband is insecure and not confident of his abilities in some areas.  Therefore, be kind!
  4. If your husband isn't winning at what he is doing, he will quit and find something else.  This is especially true with marriage and family.  If you are constantly criticizing your husband, he will just give up.  You are your husband's cheerleader and your husband needs your affirmation. 
  5. Your husband needs to know you aren't trying to use your relationship to manipulate him.
  6. Your husband needs grace and love even when he makes mistakes and fails. Galatians 6:1 You need to always speak the truth in love and again affirm him even when he make mistakes. 
  7. Your husband would rather be respected than loved.  Affirm him in what you respect about him.  And remember it is God's job to "fix" your husband; you aren't the Holy Spirit. 
  8. Sex is one of the most powerful ways to affirm your husband.   1 Corinthians 7:3-4
  9. Stop trying to control your husband!  1 Peter 3:6
  10. Make it your goal to fulfill the "one anothers" in your marriage. 
I think the message will be online in the coming weeks and you can check out the True Woman website to find it.  I really was encouraged and challenged to be my husband's cheerleader.  The world doesn't affirm him, and even his role as a pastor can be very discouraging sometimes, so I need to affirm him and pray for him.  I've come to realize that Josh is very aware of his flaws, as I am of mine, and there is no need to point those out and be critical.  Even though this was a women's conference, it also helped me in loving my husband more! 

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Groovers said...

yay for this session, such a great reminder! thanks for your posts about the conference :) hope y'all had fun shopping last night, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!