Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Potty Training Help

I am in need of potty training help from all you experienced moms out there.  Thomas is 2.5 and we have been potty training for about 6 months or so.  We haven't really followed any method, but just take him to the potty every so often (about every hour) and if he does something, he can have one M&M or a jelly bean.  He has always done well pee-peeing on the potty, and in the past few weeks he has gotten even better at telling me when he has to go (he just tasted jelly beans around Easter and I think that is the motivation for wanting to go to the potty!).  In the past few weeks, I have also noticed that he has developed the ability to wait for long periods of time to go potty.  For instance, we can go out for two to three hours and when we get home, he is still dry!  He has also stayed dry during naps and even once stayed dry all night! 

My dilemna?  He will NOT poo in the potty.  We have tried bribery, but it doesn't work.  If you ask him where he is supposed to poo, he says, "In the potty."  He does know when he has to go, because he wants to be alone now and if I happen to catch him in the act he says, "Mama, I'm pooping right now."  I would love to transition him out of pull-ups and diapers, but I just don't think that is possible until he can poo in the potty.  I have tried training pants, but he doesn't get upset if he gets those dirty.  I'm hesitant to go straight to underwear because I don't want to ruin them. 

Seasoned moms, what would you do?  How have you handled this with your children, especially boys?  Everyone told me boys were hard to potty train, but I really have no idea if that is true.  Please help!

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Anonymous said...

My mom trained two girls but helped with my two boy cousins a lot at that age. Her suggestion to my sister (who potty trained two boys) was not to do pull-ups or training pants, go straight to underwear. My sister did just that. My little one is 12 months and we are starting to potty train already in the next two weeks (after we move)--and after we get started, I won't do pullups either.