Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Orderly and Organized

As Thomas grows older, we begin to see more and more of his distinct personality traits.  One of his most prominent traits is his orderliness and organization skills.  Thomas likes everything to be lined up perfectly.  Josh and I both are organized, although he would admit his organization tends to be "pile" organization, whereas I am "everything last paper has to be in the proper place" organized.  Thomas so far has more of my organization habits.  Before he goes to bed, he wants all the books put back on the bookshelf (as I do!) and he likes to help me put up all the groceries in their proper spot.  Maybe part of this organization trait comes from being a firstborn?  I don't know too much about how birth order affects personality, but it might have some affect. 

Here are some recent examples of Thomas' organization of his toys.  By the way, I love that he has some of my personality since he looks exactly like his daddy.  I need to know I contributed something to my firstborn!

Train people lined up perfectly on his table. 

One of his favorite places to put his many cars - all in a line!

Pull-ups all lined up one morning when I went to get him from his room.  I guess he got bored while waiting on me!

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Groovers said...

this is classic....I can feel my temperature rising, I'm starting to sweat, haha :)