Friday, March 21, 2008

7 Months and Counting!

Today my beautiful baby boy is 7 months old! It is hard to believe that 7 months ago he was just a few minutes old. He has grown and changed so much in 7 months and looks so different from his first pictures. I am thrilled that he is healthy and hitting all the milestones at just the right time, but there is also a little bit of sadness that he isn't my tiny baby anymore. When I try to cradle him in my arms he squirms and wants to sit up. It is as if he is saying, "Mom, I'm too big to be held like a baby!" I thought today I would share some of his milestones with you.

1. Sitting up like a big boy! The first time he did this was March 1st, so this is a new accomplishment.

2. The first tooth has arrived! About two weeks ago we were out to eat with some friends and Thomas was inconsolable (which is very rare for him). Josh was holding him and put his finger in Thomas' mouth and there was something sharp - the top of a tooth! We immediately excused his fussiness and as soon as we got home gave him some Tylenol. Thankfully, even though he has been teething, he still sleeps through the night.

3. Thomas is experimenting with a sippy cup. He still isn't so sure how to use it, but we are trying some apple juice every couple of days.

4. The kitty is his best friend! He absolutely loves the kitty and his face lights up when he sees Calvin. Unfortunately, Calvin doesn't like Thomas too much. He runs away from Thomas - Calvin better watch out, Thomas will be mobile soon enough!

5. Just like Josh. Thomas is distracted VERY easily and his daddy is the same way. When we are out, Thomas is constantly looking around and isn't interested in eating or anything that we are doing. Thomas also loves the piano and gets very excited when Josh plays. He is even more excited if Josh lets him play too!

6. Discipline is on the horizon. We aren't actively disciplining yet, but we can tell that he is starting to get angry when he doesn't get what he wants. Mostly, it is with food, but as of yesterday he got upset when Josh took a toy away from him. We excuse the fussing with his food, because we still think he is trying to communicate he is hungry.

7. Finally, our sweet boy is getting tall! As of 6 months, he was 28 inches, but I think he may have grown another inch. He is taller now than his friend Ava, who is 10 months old. We are still wondering where he is getting his height!

He isn't crawling yet, but I'm sure it won't be long. I'm actually okay with him still being immobile - less he can get into for now.
This is my sweet boy just a few minutes ago.


Chris said...

I'm glad we could be there for at least one of Thomas' milestones. How fitting it would be during a milestone of our own.

Ashley said...

How sweet! A tooth!! You didn't tell me! They are such blessings. And it is probably a blessing that he isn't crawling yet too :-) Soon enough he will be... and you'll be on the run like I am now! What a sweet boy!

robin_lee said...

He looks just like Josh--head and all. Can you take a picture of them side-by-side

Anonymous said...

Yay! We made it to your blog and for Thomas' milestones!!! What an honor. Miss you both. Kiss that baby, I mean 'big boy' for me!