Monday, March 17, 2008

Come As A Child

This morning as I was reading Luke 18:15-17, the Lord once again reminded me how precious children are and how much they have to teach us. We do have a great responsibility to train our children in righteousness, but so often I forget that the Lord has placed my sweet baby in my life to remind me how to completely depend on Him. In this passage, the disciples rebuke the parents for bringing the children to Jesus, but Jesus in return corrects the disciples. He tells them two things: that children belong to the kingdom and they should receive the kingdom as a child. My sweet boy completely depends on me for every need that he has and he completely trusts that I will provide for all of his needs. This is how I am to approach God, but often I try to merit favor with God by good deeds and I try to "help" God meet my needs. How foolish am I!

After reading this passage this morning, my prayer is that I will depend on God and trust him as Thomas depends on me and trusts me. My hope for Thomas is one day he will put His child-like trust in the One who can make his guilty soul white as snow.

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Anonymous said...

It is nice to have a child to remind us of something we ALL need reminding precious of a blessing is a child and how blessed are we to see God's numerous reminders of our own childlike faith needed.