Monday, August 4, 2008

Beach Trip

Last week our family had the privilege of accompanying our youth group to Garden City, SC for camp. Since we are still looking for a Family Discipleship Pastor, Josh went to teach the youth. Thomas & I went along because we wanted to go to the beach and we didn't want to be away from Josh for a week.

Josh taught on the gospel everyday:

  • Monday - Who God Is? Our Creator, Father, & Judge

  • Tuesday - Who Man Is? Completely sinful and deserving of God's wrath & Hell.

  • Wednesday - Who Jesus Is? He kept the law perfectly, the only way, died on the cross, & rose again.

  • Thursday - What Is Our Response? Repent & Believe

It was very interesting to see the kids really respond to Tuesday's teaching on who we are. Josh showed the kids how they have broken all the commandments and how everything they do is sinful, because their very nature is sinful. Most of the kids thought they were okay and were generally "good." They were blown away by the truth of Scripture and it really changed how they looked at themselves and God. Last night, Sunday, we had a time for the kids to share what they learned at camp, and the four who spoke all mentioned they understood for the first time they were not good and they needed Jesus. Praise the Lord for how He worked in their hearts!

We went to the beach a couple of days, but Thomas wasn't too thrilled with it. He didn't like walking in it and really clung to Josh when we stood in the water. On the second day we sat down in the sand and he seemed to like that better. Unfortunately, not liking the beach was the least of his troubles. On Wednesday night, he became very lethargic and was running a fever. I went to buy him some tylenol and we quickly realized he was teething; not one tooth, but four! Poor baby was miserable the rest of the trip. He didn't eat much and only took two feedings on Thursday. Thankfully, he still slept through the night and baby orajel is a life-saver!

Below are some pictures from last week.

Thomas was loved & adored by all - they even crowned him!


Jason Vaughn said...

I'm highly upset I was not invited as a guest speaker. :(

Seriously, though it sounds like you had a great time and I know the youth learned a lot.

I hope to see you guys soon. Maybe at Josh's graduation.

mooreboysmama said...

Awwww...I love your new title picture. Thomas seems like such a happy baby! Glad you guys had a good trip. It's great to hear how the youth were impacted by Josh's messages.

Rachel W said...

The retreat sounds great! So glad that the Lord worked through Josh's messages and the youth were touched by the gospel in a fresh way.

I so remember the first time we took Clara Anne to the beach and I thought she would love it, but in fact she was quite apprehensive and a bit scared. She didn't like the feel of the sand on her feet or the lapping of the waves! She was only 6 months old at the time which was probably part of it. Now she loves the beach and could play for hours in the sand.

loved the pictures! It looks like Thomas did enjoy himself!


Ashley said...

I'm glad you had a good time and the Lord has already prospered Josh's preaching. Looks like Thomas enjoyed the beach more than Gabriel did! G wouldn't even put his feet in the sand. We thought maybe since there wasn't any boundaries (walls, etc.) outside that it was a little overwhelming along with the sound of the wind and waves. Hmm... makes me want to go back!