Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm happy to report that Thomas is finally starting to crawl! We really thought he would skip crawling and just walk instead. While he does like walking in his walker and occasionally will take a few steps before tumbling face forward in our arms, he has now discovered how to crawl. I'll admit right now it is still an awkward crawl, but nonetheless he is trying!

What inspired him you might ask? I believe it was the kitty. Calvin, with the broken leg, was laying on the floor Tuesday and Thomas was playing with his toys a few feet away when Thomas spotted him. Thomas must have said to himself, "I've got to get that kitty!" The next thing I know he is on his knees going as fast as he can to get the kitty. When he finally got to Calvin, I think even Calvin was surprised and quickly moved!

When he perfects his crawl , I'll post pictures. Until then, here is a picture of Calvin propping his head on his broken leg. We put a sock over his stint to try to keep from taking it off...a long story & a late night.

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