Wednesday, September 3, 2008

12 Month Visit

Today, we took Thomas for his 12 month well check visit. His appointment was at 11am in Simpsonville, which is about 30 minutes from our house. We were running about 5 mins late because I had to wake Thomas up from his morning nap. I hate being late, especially to doctor's appointments, because it seems like you have to wait longer when you are late. About 5 minutes after I signed Thomas in, the receptionist called me over and told me his appointment was in Greenville. I told her that wasn't correct since I had called the Simponsville office to make the appointment, and he has only been to that office. After much discussion, they figured out that a new girl had made the appointment for the wrong office. I could either make another appointment or go to Greenville. Even though it meant more driving, I wanted to go ahead and see the doctor today and not wait.

Once we arrived at the Greenville office, about 11:35am, we had to wait another 30 mins before they called us. By the time we saw the doctor, had his two shots, and paid our co-pay it was 12:50pm! What a long, exhausting doctor's visit! However, we did treat ourselves to Chick-fil-a, so in Josh's opinion, it was worth it.

Here are Thomas' stats:

Weight - 20lb 8 oz - 18 %
Height - 31.5" - 92% (we have no clue why he is tall for his age - we are average ppl)
HC - 18" - 31%

Dr. Earle, the peditrician, said Thomas' is long and lean, and he looks great. Thankfully, the only time we have went to the doctor over the past 12 months is for well visits. He has had a couple of colds and the croup, but nothing severe enough to put him on antibiotics. Praise the Lord for how He has taken care of Thomas!

One last bit of info: we learned that Thomas is definitely like his daddy - he loves Chick-fil-a nuggets! He had them for the first time today and he wanted those even more than the fruit!

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