Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Haircut

After much delay, we finally took Thomas to have his first haircut yesterday. He has needed a haircut for at least a month now, but part of me wasn't ready to do it, and we just haven't had the time. We decided to take him after lunch yesterday to see Jim Williams, who has been Josh's barber since he was a little boy and still cuts Josh's hair. Mr. Williams is around 80, but he still does a great job and Josh insisted that Thomas have his first haircut with him.

Surprisingly, Thomas wasn't scared at all and Mr. Williams was so friendly and sweet to him. He had toys for him to play with and he let him hold a comb too. Thomas just laughed and played and didn't seem to notice that his mama was just a little sad. He definitely looks more like a little boy and less of a baby - that is what makes me sad. Mr. Williams cut some of his little curls and put them in an envelope for me, not that Thomas will care about it, but it is special to me.

Here are the pictures of our day -
On our way to the barber.
Cutting hair for mama
Sitting still (one of the few times)
What are they doing to me?
A side view
The time where he didn't want to sit still!All the toys to entertain himAlmost finished!Look at our big boy!


Jason Vaughn said...

Jim William's was everyone's barber at some point.

Ashley said...

Aww Dianna! I can't bring myself to cut Gabriel's hair! Even though he has wings out the side and his hair is quite long in the back. I don't want the curls to go away!! Thomas looks so cute though, you've motivated me a little. :-) Glad it went so well for him. I'm not sure Gabriel will be quite as still. He's pretty skeptical of people!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! A couple of those pictures resembled Van. Thomas is definitely a Culbertson!

Denny said...

WOW!!! The haircut really makes a difference, doesn't it? He is STILL the best looking baby in the WORLD!!! Not sure, ASK ME!! I miss y'all! Hopefully it won't be long. Tell Tom Tom that I love him, Grandpa