Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pulling Up & Pointing

Two of Thomas' newest discoveries are pulling up on anything that is stable (and some things that aren't) and pointing at everything. My sweet boy wakes up pointing at something - the fan, the lamp, shoes - and I try to use those times to name what the "thing" is. He is so curious about everything and so delighted by all the new things he can do. Thomas pulls up on all the furniture and now "cruises" around until there is an open space and he is back to crawling.

This newfound freedom also leads to more discipline as he wants to grab the phone, remote, coasters, pictures, etc. laying around. People have told me, "You just need to put everything up until he is about three." While that would be much easier than disciplining him, it isn't best for him or for me. It fosters an undisciplined spirit in Thomas and laziness in me! Thankfully, he normally listens when I say, "No Thomas, you may not touch that," and if he doesn't, it only takes a little pop on his leg to get his attention.

It looks like it will be a few more weeks before he is walking. The other day he let go of the ottoman and tried to walk to his toy and fell face forward! I tried not to react with fear in my voice, and amazingly he didn't cry but just started crawling to the toy! Below are some recent pictures of him pulling up and pointing.

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Ashley said...

Don't you just love watching him grow and learn? I think this is such a blessing to see!