Saturday, June 13, 2009

Josiah Update

They just put in the epidural. Let me say - it's not because Dianna was wimping out on the pain. She's one tough little lady! She decided to get it because the nurse seems to think it will speed things up. Dianna is ready to see her baby... and ready to eat some food (she hasn't eaten since last night)! Thankfully, Dianna can relax now and maybe take a little nap before Josiah arrives.

Wait... doctor just came in & he's about to break her water! THAT should speed things up.


Ashley said...

I'm loving the play-by-play! Not sure what time you posted this, but I'm still praying. Can't wait to see Josiah!

Anna said...

Just thought I would check your blog to see if anything was happening and I am so glad I did. I am praying for you guys!! Can't wait to see pictures of your newest little one.

Tonya said...

Checking back for an update. Hope all is well for baby and mommy. This is so exciting!