Friday, June 12, 2009

Our Big Boy

I realized recently that I have been so consumed with giving updates about my pregnancy, that I haven't shared any pictures or news about Thomas. He certainly isn't forgotten around our home and we still take tons of pictures of him too!

This week he went to VBS at our church and I think he has had a good time. Thomas still isn't a great talker, so when I ask him about bible school usually he just says the words he knows as they relate to bible school "choo-choo" (the theme is Lifeway's Boomerang Express), "Nolan" (a little boy at church), or "Laura" (a little girl at church). When I ask him questions about bible school, he normally just shakes his head and starts talking in gibberish, but at least he is trying to answer me!

Recently, he has began to climb. Yesterday, he figured out how to climb out of his bed! He had been down for his nap about 30 minutes when I heard his door open. I was a little scared someone was in the house and when I checked, Thomas was walking toward me! He realized very quickly that getting out of the bed was a no-no by the expression on my face and the tone of my voice. Thankfully, no discipline was needed and after about five minutes of crying he was asleep.

Overall, Thomas is a very compliant child and normally only has to be warned he will be "popped" if he does or doesn't do _____. He definitely is all boy - loves to play with blocks and cars, and loves going outside. However, his favorite things are trains. I really need to record him saying "choo-choo" because he gets so excited when he hears a train. For some reason he thinks that tractor trailers are "choo-choos" too, and although we constantly say, "No, Thomas that is a truck," he is convinced it is a "choo-choo" (we think it is because the trailer looks like the train cars).

Without further ado, here are some recent random pictures of our big boy, who will be a big brother very soon!
Our cute, but messy eater!
Playing by the pool
Doesn't he look relaxed?


Ashley said...

He looks so big! He'll be a great big brother! All that "jibberish" is his talk! :-) So just talk back to him like he's carrying on a conversation... because he is!! :-) So sweet!

Summer O. said...

I totally thought when I saw the header to this post that there was breaking news out of Laurens, regarding our little reformer....LOL. I was EQUALLY pleased, however, to see sweet little Thomas!!! He has grown soooo much! He is taking on a "big boy" look for sure. Give him big hugs from Talitha and Haddon!! Love you guys :-)