Tuesday, June 9, 2009

When, Oh When Will He Come?

That seems to be the question on our family's mind as well as our entire church family! I think my favorite question has been, "You still here?" I'm actually pretty hard to miss at this point and as long as you see me, I'm still here (that is what I want to say, but I just smile and say, "Still waiting"). I did have some Braxton Hicks contractions on Saturday morning between 1:30am and 4:30am and Josh and I were hoping that labor was starting, but they stopped and just left us both very tired on Saturday.

We went to the doctor this morning and the news is mixed. They are going to give me until Monday to go into labor naturally. I haven't progressed any since last week, but the doctor is hopeful that Josiah will decide to come without an induction. The doctors in this practice don't like to induce until they really need to because natural labor is much easier for me and the risk of having a c-section is also less when they don't induce. However, if Josiah isn't here by Sunday at 4pm, I will check into the hospital to be given some medicine to get my body ready. On Monday morning, if I haven't went into labor, they will start Pitocin.

Josh and I are praying that I will go into labor this week and that we can avoid an induction. This pregnancy has been much longer for me because Thomas came at 39 weeks and I'm now 40 weeks and 1 day, and more than ready to have this baby. Josh even decided we needed to sit outside under the full moon on Sunday night hoping that the lunar pull would have some effect on my body! Even though nothing happened, it was fun to sit under the stars and talk. :-)

Thank you for your many prayers. The Lord has given me more contentment over the last few days and I'm just trying to enjoy every moment for this is the day the Lord has made! The end is in sight and I will be holding my baby in a week!

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Summer O. said...

We are praying for you, friend!!! I pray our little reformer comes SOON. I can't wait to see his precious little face :-)

Love you!