Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Update On Baby

I know everyone is curious as to when Josiah is going to make his entrance since I'm only 6 days away from my due date. As of this morning, I am one centimeter dilated and 50% effaced. The doctor said that baby's head was in position and that everything looks great. She didn't think he would come today, but this week! I told her that I sure hope she is right.

Josiah is constantly moving and I am constantly telling him the direction he should go! I am walking in the evenings when it isn't so hot and when my feet aren't so swollen that it would hurt to put on tennis shoes. Someone asked me the other night if I was trying to "walk this baby out" and I told them whatever it takes! We went and ate Mexican for lunch today in my efforts to do anything to bring on labor.

Yesterday, we met a friend's six-day-old baby and he was so tiny! He weighed 6lb 14oz as of yesterday and my immediate thought is that Josiah, who is still in my womb, probably weighs more than this baby - hard to believe! Yes, holding another baby makes me long to hold my sweet baby boy. However, I do know Josiah will come soon - he is due in 6 days!

On a side note, Josh is so excited that we are having a June baby. Josiah's birthday works into a neat every-other-month birthday for our family: Me - Feb., Josh - Apr., Josiah - June, & Thomas - Aug. I guess the Lord needs to work it out so that our next baby will come in October to keep the tradition!

Thank you for all your prayers as I patiently wait for his arrival. If we can remember to bring Josh's laptop to the hospital, he will try to put some pictures of Josiah up on the blog when he makes his entrance. Hopefully, the next entry you see will be of our sweet baby boy!

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