Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brotherly Love

The picture above is the highest example of brotherly love at our house. Yes, I know the picture is only of Josiah holding a stuffed animal, but that isn't just any ole' stuffed animal. That stuffed animal is Thomas' beloved puppy, or better known around here at "Vu-vu." If any of you have ever met Thomas, more than likely you have met vu-vu. It is a rare occasion that Thomas isn't holding him or at least has him within sight. Not only was Josiah holding puppy, but Thomas wasn't even in the room! Yes, Thomas even placed him in that position after seeing Josh do it earlier.

I think Thomas is going to be a great big brother :-) Although, I do wonder what his response will be when puppy isn't freely given, but taken by his younger brother...we shall see!

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