Sunday, September 6, 2009

Staying Behind

Most of you who read my blog know that my husband, Josh, is a pastor. Currently, he is the only pastor on staff at a church with around 150 people. Obviously, we aren't at a huge church, but one pastor for 150 people keeps him busy. On average, he preaches 3 times a week and has many different meetings to attend and to deal with the "business" of the church. This month is an especially busy month as we are getting ready for a new church year.

Right after we got married, Josh was pastoring a church in Indiana of about 20 people - yes, it was really small! While we were there, I was able to do everything with Josh. If someone was sick, I went with him to visit. If there was a wedding or a funeral, I was able to go. Of course, there wasn't nearly the amount of work to do for a congregation of 20 as there is for a congregation of 150. But even still, I was able to go because I had no other responsibilities than to serve with my husband.

Things are a lot different today than they were 3 years ago. We have two beautiful baby boys who require most of my time and attention. They need their mama and I cherish the time I can love on them and share the gospel with them. However, by caring for them I'm not as available to minister alongside of Josh. I am realizing that my role is different now. I have the primary responsibility of taking care of our children and home. The biggest role I have in Josh's day-to-day ministry now is prayer. And over the last few weeks, I have realized that prayer is more important than all the other things I could be doing.

I won't lie and say it is easy "staying behind." I love my husband and want to be with him. But I can't go to all the funerals or weddings or special services or to visit the sick. The hardest time for me was a few weeks ago when Josh was on his mission trip. I wanted to be there with him, but the Lord has placed me in the home with our children. I am trying to remember that our children will grow up all too quickly and one day, I will have more time to be "hands on."

Every season of life has its positives and negatives. Even though I can't participate in ministry as much right now, I can diligently serve my husband by fervently praying for him and by training up our children in godliness. What an awesome responsibility!

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Groovers said...

I completely understand and appreciate your words of wisdom here. It is very difficult at times to be the unseen helper, but like you said, it is the highest privilege. And nothing we do is unseen by our Lord, for this I am so thankful. :)