Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Lie!

Yesterday, Josh and I were talking and of course Thomas was in the room. In the midst of the conversation Josh said, "You lie!" (Side Note: He wasn't speaking about me!) As soon as it was out of his mouth we heard, "You lie! You lie! You lie!" Don't you just love how children repeat the things you don't want them to say?!

Thomas is talking a lot, but he still isn't completely clear on everything, but the peditrician said he is right where he needs to be for two. Everyday he picks up something new. We are trying to teach him to sing "Jesus Loves Me" or to say "I love you," but instead he says the things you don't want him to say. I guess we need to be careful what we say around little ears.

Now let's just hope he never meets President Obama...