Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Movements

Last Friday, while sitting at the computer, I finally felt the baby move! Since I'm not really sick anymore, I want "proof" (other than my expanding belly) that a baby is in there. Thankfully, baby is big enough and strong enough now for me to feel some movement. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling the baby and trying to figure out what body part baby is moving - a hand, foot, elbow, etc? I just love it! I'm not feeling baby move every day, but it is definitely becoming more frequent.

Tomorrow we get to see baby move for the first time! The ultrasound is at 9am in the morning and I can hardly wait! Of course I am anxious to find out if baby is a boy or a girl - and praying that baby won't be shy. I told Josh if this baby is a girl, we need to go to Target as soon as we leave the doctor's office so I can get something pink! He thinks I'm crazy, but he'll indulge me!

For all of you anxious to know if Thomas is going to have a brother or a sister, check back tomorrow!


Ashley said...

Oh wow! Already?? Crazy... where is the time going? I'm anxious to know! Of course we won't be here all day, I have an appointment too... but I will check as soon as I can!! And I'm glad you can feel the movements! Aren't they great??!

Anna said...

Can't wait to hear! So excited for you.