Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Model Prayer

I just finished reading Dr. Albert Mohler's blog today and I wanted to encourage any who read my blog to read it as well. This has been a hard day for me politically, because I find myself not wanting to support this president for many reasons (lack of experience, economic plans, defense, etc.). It has also been difficult spiritually for I am sinning against Almighty God when I fail to pray and respect the office President Obama holds. After reading this prayer, I have committed anew to pray for the president and for our nation.

The most disturbing part of Obama's agenda is to overturn executive orders that protect the unborn - it makes me sick to even think of it. Part of Dr. Mohler's prayer address this:

Father, we pray that you will change this president's heart and mind on issues of urgent concern. We are so thankful for his gifts and talents, for his intellect and power of influence. Father, bend his heart to see the dignity and sanctity of every single human life, from the moment of conception until natural death. Father, lead him to see abortion, not as a matter of misconstrued rights, but as a murderous violation of the right to life. May he come to see every aborted life as a violation of human dignity and every abortion as an abhorrent blight upon this nation's moral witness. May he pledge himself to protect every human life at every stage of development. He has declared himself as an energetic defender of abortion rights, and we fear that his election will lead directly to the deaths of countless unborn human beings. Protect us from this unspeakable evil, we pray. Most urgently, we pray that you will bring the reign of abortion to an end, even as you are the defender of the defenseless.
I hope you will join with me in praying for our new president and remembering that our God is sovereign in ALL things.


Chris said...

I can understand the toughness of the day for you. I saw Dr. Mohler's prayer earlier and was a bit convicted as well. Though, I find my hardest challenge is now opposing these views without letting the raging temper inside me loose.

Perhaps seeing Wyatt everyday is what angers me when I think on such things. As I feel it does to you with Thomas and Culbertson #2.

The Culbertsons said...


I completely agree with your statement, "my hardest challenge is now opposing these views without letting the raging temper inside me loose." I don't think it is going to be an easy 4 years (and I pray fervently only 4 years), but it will cause us to be on our knees more and ultimately part of our sanctification (I pray!).

Ashley said...

Dianna, I'm glad you posted this. I too am having a hard time with it. I feel like if I don't pay attention that it won't happen. I know this is wrong. I don't need to ignore or hide in fear but look to the Lord in prayer for our country and these who are defenseless. It saddens my heart like nothing else in the world to know that it's legal and "right" in our country to kill a baby. Thank you for encouraging me to prayer. I too pray that it would not be more than 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I had a hard time voting this year because of the picks we had. However, you make it sound like our President is completely wrong altogether. No President will have our same beliefs, nor will we agree 100% with them. However, President Obama has some good issues he wants to address and some wonderful insights. I am totally against abortion. However, I feel like many conservatives are bashing our new President over this main issue. Can we at least pray for his leadership AND give him the chance to do what is best for our country? Again, I do not agree with the abortion issue; however, President Obama has many more plans that will benefit our country than the nominee did. As well, as a conservative, why elect a woman into the vice presidency? If Senator McCain would have been elected and something were to happy, a woman would have been our president--the leader of the nation-over all. How do we justify that if we were to elect that nominee?