Friday, January 9, 2009

A Woman After God's Own Heart

The title for this blog is the title of the book we are studying in our women's bible study. Last night was the first meeting and it went great! There are 22 women signed up and last night we had 15 (some of them I knew where they were...the rest I have to track down). Also, our ages range from 81 to 25 - Titus 2 is taking place! Since the ladies didn't receive the book until Wednesday night or last night, we just had an intro and getting to know you time.

I began by giving a brief testimony of how I came to know the Lord and my passion for teaching women the Word. This has been my heart's longing for sometime now and I'm so thrilled that so many other women wanted to participate. I really didn't expect for the other women to give a brief testimony, but most of them did. It was wonderful to hear a room full of women testify to the Lord's goodness in the midst of their trials, as well as how the Lord had brought them to Himself.

We are planning on meeting for 12 weeks and reading two chapters a week. The agenda is to discuss the chapters and the Scripture for 45 mins and then to break into groups of two or three for accountability and to share personal prayer needs. My hope is that we will hold each other accountable for reading the Word daily, as well as spur one another on to godliness.

The women who were there last night have a hunger to learn more of the Word and to know God more. This book is all about pursuing God and I think it will give us encouragement to follow diligently after our Savior. I'll leave you with the best quote of the night by an older lady, "I just began studying God's Word a few months ago and I realized I was missing so much and now I want more of it." Praise The Lord and may it be true for all of us!


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