Friday, February 20, 2009

18 Months

Tomorrow, Thomas will be 18 months! It is amazing to look at this little person and see how he has grown and changed so much in a year and a half. Sometimes I have hard time remembering him as a little baby, because he has changed so much. It is sure to be a shock when Josiah arrives and I hold a tiny baby again.

The newest change in Thomas is his desire to "talk" ALL the time. Talking usually consists of babbling, although he does have around 20 words in his vocabulary, and he babbles about everything. We were at a Mexican restaurant the other night and when the server came to the table, Thomas started talking non-stop to her. Often times he just walks around the house talking about who knows what - well, he does!

We have also discovered that he loves ketchup. If we will let him, he will just eat ketchup by the spoonful - yuck! Right now he is somewhat of a picky eater, but he will usually eat any type of meat if he has ketchup. I have even tried it with the vegetables, but he knows better!

He is slowly getting his first year molars. We see a new tooth every week and thus far, it hasn't been too painful. There was only one day that he was whiny and clingy, but most days he doesn't seem to care - I'm so thankful!

The other morning he was sitting in a rocking chair and had the cutest little expression that we had to take some pictures. Here is our big boy and soon to be big brother!

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Ashley said...

Sweet pictures. It goes by so fast doesn't it? Such a bitter-sweet thing.