Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Not Creative, But....

I had a little help for Valentine's Day in being a little bit creative. On Thursday, I went to Target to find a card and box of "good" chocolate, such as Reese's or Snickers, for Josh. I picked up a card and went to the Valentine's section of the store and found an even better gift: A Scrabble Valentine's!

You may be thinking, "Scrabble is a good Valentine?," and yes, for my husband it is. Josh loves Scrabble. When we play board games he ALWAYS want to play it. He really likes words, but also likes to beat me because I rarely win. I blame it on always getting the bad letters (what can you do with 4 I's), but he reminds me it is all about skill. Anyway...I saw this Valentine and I just had to get it because I knew he would love it.

The Valentine is a game and a card. There are 100 tiles and you can use up to 25 of the tiles to form a message in the card. I wanted all the letters to connect just like a game of Scrabble and amazingly, I was creative enough to make it happen! Here are the results:

The message can read: Josh you have all of my love. Or, Josh you have all of me.

And yes, he was pleasantly surprised and delighted by his Valentine. He was amazed that I made all the words connect! Maybe it means I'm getting better at Scrabble! Oh, and I did get him a box of Reese's too. A gift isn't complete without chocolate for my husband!

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Ashley said...

Cute, I love it! Isn't it fun to find something different for a change?